Bold Website Design Trends for 2024: Stand Out or Blend In?

Web design is a lot like fashion – what’s hot one year can feel cringeworthy the next. If you’re not paying attention, your website can quickly age out of looking fresh and exciting. But in 2024, playing it safe might mean fading into the background.

A wave of bold, sometimes even bizarre, website design trends is emerging. Could they be the secret to making your business unforgettable online, or are they a recipe for disaster? Let’s dive in!

1. Emerging Bold Trends to Watch

Don’t worry, these aren’t buzzwords I’m throwing around for the sake of it. Buckle up, because what I’m about to describe might challenge your idea of what a “good” website should even look like.

a) Brutalism

Think of it like unfinished concrete in website form. Imagine blocky fonts, clashing colors, no fancy graphics… even elements that SEEM like errors. It’s a rebellion against overly slick web design. Example: Search for “” and prepare to be shocked (or intrigued).

b) Maximalism

If minimalism is about clean lines, maximalism throws a confetti party all over your screen. Every inch is filled with images, patterns, text… sensory overload is the goal! Done well, it has a strange energy. Done poorly, it’s unusable. Example: Alessandro Novelli’s portfolio site [invalid URL removed] is a wild maximalist ride.

c) 90s Nostalgia, Done Right

Remember those Geocities websites with blinking text? Yeah, those were… something. But designers are taking the wackiness of that era and refining it. Think pixelated graphics, ironic use of Comic Sans font, but with modern polish.

Example: The website for has 90s vibes, but in a way that’s fun, not cringeworthy.

d) 3D That Pops

Subtle 3D elements can add depth and make a site feel interactive. Think buttons that seem to rise off the page, or product images you can almost reach out and touch. The danger here is going overboard – too much 3D can be glitchy and slow down load times. Example: [], the payment processor, uses 3D effects sparingly but effectively.

e) Breaking the Grid

Forget perfectly balanced website layouts. Images overlapping at odd angles, text blocks that refuse to stay in neat rows… it’s organized chaos. Tough to get right, but when it works, the site feels dynamic and surprising. Example: The agency Active Theory: uses a broken, asymmetrical grid for a memorable effect.

Important Note: Even if you NEVER plan to use these trends yourself, understanding them is key in 2024. Why? Because you’ll likely encounter softer variations of them on mainstream websites, and knowing the inspiration makes those design choices less jarring.

2. When Going Bold Makes Sense

Here are some instances where a weird or rule-breaking website is a competitive advantage:

  • You’re A Creative Rebel: If your brand is built on being an artistic visionary, a “normal” website would be like a painter using only beige. Boldness demonstrates that you truly walk the walk. Examples: Portfolio sites for graphic designers, experimental musicians, or fashion brands that break boundaries.

  • Challenging the Norm: You’re the new kid on the block trying to dethrone established, but yawn-worthy companies in your industry. A weird website instantly communicates “We’re NOT those guys!”. Examples: Fintech startups aiming to make banking feel exciting, or an eco-friendly brand disrupting a space filled with corporate greenwashing.

  • The Gen Z Factor: Let’s be real, younger audiences have higher tolerance for the unconventional. They may actively dislike cookie-cutter websites that all blend together. Boldness is the design equivalent of speaking their language. Examples: Youth-focused brands, app companies targeting teens, trendy product launches.

  • Let’s Get Hype! Building anticipation for a concert, a time-limited product drop, or an immersive art experience? A website that matches that high-voltage energy creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). Examples: Festival websites, “coming soon” pages for buzzworthy projects, even high-end restaurant reservations if exclusivity is part of the appeal.

A Few Caveats

  • Know Your Audience: Being bold just for the sake of it backfires if it alienates the people you’re trying to reach. Even rebels need to understand their tribe.
  • Functionality Matters: Even the trippiest, most avant-garde website still needs to be usable. If visitors can’t find your contact info or buy your thing… what’s the point?
  • Bold Can Be Refined: Bold design doesn’t always equal visual chaos. Even a minimalist website can use bold color or typography to stand out.

3. When to Play it (Relatively) Safe

There are absolutely times when a bold website is a bad business decision. Here’s why:

  • Established, Trust-Based Businesses: Think doctors, lawyers, financial advisors… People come to you for expertise, and a jarring website undermines that trust. Clean, professional design reinforces your authority.

  • Accessibility Matters: Is that ultra-trendy micro-font readable by someone with low vision? Does that asymmetrical layout work with a screen reader? Bold design that excludes potential customers isn’t just unethical, it’s bad marketing.

  • “Timeless” vs. Trendy: If the idea of redesigning your website every two years makes you break out in hives, chasing trends is a nightmare. Focus on classic design principles (clear hierarchy, good typography) and inject a bit of the ‘now’ through imagery or smaller design elements that are easy to update.

  • “Bold” Doesn’t Have to Mean Ugly: Too often people equate bold with intentionally garish. Not true! Here are ways to be impactful without risking your reputation:

    • Bold Color: A striking color scheme that aligns with your brand is memorable but not chaotic.
    • Typography Power: Unusual fonts, but used strategically (think headlines, not body text).
    • High-Quality Photography: Big, beautiful images make a statement without being gimmicky.
    • Subtle Animation: Things like elements that appear on scroll add polish without being distracting.

Important Note: Even if you play it safe, it’s dangerous to be BORING. A “meh” website will get you ignored, even if it’s technically inoffensive.

4. How to Execute Bold Trends Tastefully

You’ve decided to take a daring design leap – awesome! Now, let’s make sure you land beautifully and not face-first in a mud puddle of bad taste.

  • White Space Matters: Even a maximalist website needs room to breathe. Clutter for clutter’s sake is just an eyesore. Think of white space (or negative space) as strategically placed pauses that let the bold elements truly shine.

  • Brand Before Bold: If your mission statement is a snoozefest, no amount of trendy design will save you. Know your core values and what makes your business unique. Your web design should scream THAT, only louder and maybe in a splashy new font.

  • When to DIY, When to Delegate: Be honest about your design skills. Bold trends magnify mistakes. If you’re a true beginner, start smaller (striking color scheme, impactful hero image). For complex stuff like asymmetrical layouts, a skilled web designer might be your best investment, avoiding costly redos down the line.

Additional Tips for Tasteful Boldness:

  • Harness the Power of Contrast: A jarring font is less jarring against a clean background. Boldness works best when balanced with simpler elements.
  • Test on Every Device: What looks cool on your big monitor might be illegible on a phone. Responsiveness is non-negotiable, even with edgy design.
  • Get Feedback (From the Right People): Show your bold concept to those who deeply understand your target audience. Ignore those who just say “I don’t like it” without explaining WHY.

Remember: Even sites that adhere to more classic rules can still have a strong personality. Tasteful execution is what separates the pros from the posers.


There’s no single answer to whether your website should scream or whisper in 2024. It’s about knowing your audience and what feeling you want to evoke. Sometimes, the biggest risk is being totally forgettable.

Remember, even a polished website can incorporate a dash of boldness. The balance is where the magic happens!

Now, Over to You

What’s the most daring website you’ve ever seen? Love it or hate it, spill the details in the comments! And if you’re wondering if a bold trend is right for your website, hit me up! I offer short consultations to help you decide.

by Team Brand Sewa

Last Updated on April 30, 2024

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