Teaswing Case Study

Boosting Organic Growth by 700% for a Global Tea Brand

Struggling with a dated website and limited online reach, Teaswing, a global tea company, partnered with Brand Sewa for a digital transformation that positioned Teaswing for global growth and success.

About Teaswing

Teaswing is a passionate purveyor of premium loose-leaf and specialty teas, established in 2017. Teaswing’s mission is to bring the world’s finest tea flavors to your doorstep, offering an unparalleled tea experience. Teaswing’s source our teas ethically from celebrated gardens across India, from the slopes of Darjeeling to the plains of Assam.

More than just a beverage, tea is a journey. Teaswing believes in the power of tea to connect people, invigorate the senses, and inspire moments of mindfulness. Their extensive collection of over 200+ teas boasts a variety of black teas, green teas, herbal infusions, and more, catering to every palate and preference.

Quality you can taste, expertise you can trust. They are committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring a seamless online tea-buying experience. 

Lear more @ Teaswing.com

The Challenge

Teaswing’s website, built on WordPress with WooCommerce, struggled to keep pace with their growth aspirations. It lacked a user-friendly experience, hindering conversions and failing to showcase the premium quality of their teas.

  • Poor User Experience
    The website design wasn't intuitive, leading to navigation difficulties and a high bounce rate.
  • Organic Traffic Bottleneck
    Teaswing's SEO strategy wasn't optimized, resulting in low organic traffic and a limited online presence.
  • Limited Scalability
    The existing platform couldn't handle the increasing website traffic and product range.

The Stratgey

Brand Sewa partnered with Teaswing to craft a comprehensive digital marketing strategy focused on website redesign and migration, coupled with a data-driven SEO approach:

Website Redesign & Migration

We migrated Teaswing’s website from WordPress with WooCommerce to Shopify, a robust e-commerce platform for seamless scalability and growth.

Our design team created a visually stunning and user-friendly website, highlighting the exquisite nature of Teaswing’s tea collection.

Enhanced product pages with high-quality visuals, detailed descriptions, and customer reviews to build trust and encourage buying decisions.

Streamlined checkout process for a smooth and positive customer experience.

SEO Optimization

Conducted in-depth keyword research to identify relevant search terms used by tea enthusiasts.

Optimized website content and product descriptions for targeted keywords to improve search engine ranking.

Implemented a strategic backlink building campaign to increase website authority and organic traffic.

Utilized on-page optimization techniques to enhance website structure and user experience for search engines.


Within a span of 2 years, Brand Sewa’s strategic approach yielded remarkable results for Teaswing:

  • Organic Traffic Boom
    Monthly organic traffic surged from a modest 5,000 visitors to a staggering 40,000 visitors, representing an impressive 700% increase.
  • SEO Domination
    Teaswing secured top 10 rankings for over 20+ high-value tea-related keywords, significantly improving brand visibility in search engine results.
  • Conversion Uplift
    The user-friendly website design and optimized product pages contributed to a significant increase in conversions, boosting Teaswing's online sales.
  • Global Brand Recognition
    The enhanced online presence solidified Teaswing's position as a leading player in the global tea market, attracting customers worldwide.


By combining website redesign and migration with a data-driven SEO strategy, Brand Sewa empowered Teaswing to unlock their full digital potential. With a user-friendly platform, compelling website design, and top SEO ranking, Teaswing can now proudly brew success and share their love for tea with a global audience.

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