Talhive Case Study

Building a Talent Magnet for Global Talent Acquisition Agency

Discover how Brand Sewa boosted Talhive’s organic traffic, established them as an industry thought leader, and empowered them to connect with a wider pool of top talent. This digital transformation is attracting new clients and propelling Talhive’s growth in the competitive HR recruitment landscape.

About the Brand

Talhive is a global Human Capital Management (HCM) firm specializing in innovative recruitment solutions. Founded in Pune, India, they have a rapidly growing team supporting businesses worldwide.

Some of Talhive’s Clients Includes : NBA (National Basketball Association), Myntra, Dream11, Sequoia, Writesonic, Khatabook, PlotX, Avana, & Savii.

  • Talhive Service & Offerings

    Talhive offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline the hiring process for companies and job seekers alike. Some key offerings include:

    Talent Acquisition: Talhive assists companies in attracting and recruiting top talent across various industries, from revenue and technology roles to executive positions.

    Employer Branding: They help companies build a strong employer brand to attract qualified candidates and create a positive workplace culture.

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): Talhive can manage the entire recruitment process for companies, saving them time and resources.

  • Target Market

    Talhive caters to a broad target market mainly is India and USA, working with businesses of all sizes across various industries. Their services are particularly valuable for companies seeking to:

    Scale their workforce: Talhive can help companies find the right talent to support their growth aspirations.

    Fill specialized roles: Their expertise allows them to identify and recruit candidates with hard-to-find skills and experience.

    Improve their employer brand: Talhive’s employer branding services help companies attract top talent in a competitive job market.

  • Target Audience

    Within the target market, Talhive interacts with two primary audience segments:

    Companies (Hiring Managers): Talhive provides solutions to help companies find and hire the best talent to achieve their business objectives.

    Job Seekers (Candidates): Talhive connects qualified candidates with exciting career opportunities at leading companies.

Lear more @ Talhive.com

The Challenge

Talhive’s existing website failed to capture their innovative approach to HR solutions. The outdated design lacked visual appeal and user-friendliness, hindering brand perception and failing to effectively showcase their services. Additionally, their content marketing and SEO strategy needed optimization to improve organic traffic and online visibility.

  • Uninspiring Website Design
    The website's dated design didn't reflect Talhive's forward-thinking approach and struggled to engage visitors.
  • Weak SEO Foundation
    Ineffective SEO practices resulted in low organic traffic and limited online reach for Talhive's services.
  • Limited Content Marketing
    Lack of valuable and informative content limited Talhive's thought leadership and ability to attract potential clients and candidates.

The Stratgey

Brand Sewa implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy focused on modern website design and development, coupled with a data-driven content marketing and SEO approach:

Modern Website Design & Development

We designed a visually appealing and user-friendly website, reflecting Talhive’s brand identity and innovative approach to HR solutions.

Developed clear and informative web pages that showcased Talhive’s services and expertise in attracting top talent.

Implemented a seamless user experience for both candidates seeking job opportunities and clients seeking HR solutions.

Streamlined lead conversion process for a smooth and positive customer experience.

Content Marketing & SEO Optimization

Conducted in-depth keyword research to identify relevant search terms used by companies and job seekers.

Developed high-quality blog posts, articles, and case studies showcasing Talhive’s thought leadership in the HR & Recruiting industry.

Optimized website content and landing pages for targeted keywords to improve search engine ranking and organic traffic.

Built a strategic backlink profile to enhance website authority and online visibility.


Within a year of collaborating with Brand Sewa, Talhive witnessed significant improvements in their digital presence:

  • Modern & Engaging Website
    The revamped website attracted a wider audience with a fresh design and intuitive user experience.
  • Content Marketing Success
    Valuable content established Talhive as a thought leader, attracting organic traffic and leads from potential clients and candidates.
  • SEO Boost
    Improved search engine ranking for relevant industry keywords significantly increased organic traffic and brand awareness.
  • Talent Acquisition Enhancement
    The modern website and valuable content empowered Talhive to connect with a broader pool of qualified candidates, streamlining their recruitment process.


By combining modern website design and development with a data-driven content marketing and SEO strategy, Brand Sewa empowered Talhive to create a digital talent magnet. The improved online presence has positioned Talhive as a leader in the HR & Recruiting industry, attracting top talent and fostering successful client partnerships.

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