Keventers Case Study

Transforming a 100 year old Heritage Restaurant for Online Success

Struggling with a dated website and limited online reach, Teaswan, a global tea company, partnered with Brand Sewa for a digital transformation that positioned Teaswan for global growth and success.

About the Brand

Keventers is a heritage restaurant boasting over 100 years of culinary legacy. Renowned for its exquisite English breakfast and breathtaking Himalayan views, Keventers offers a unique dining experience steeped in tradition. 

Keventer has been featured on many popular platforms like : The Telegraph, India Today, Tripadvisor, Airbnb, Expedia and more

  • Service Offerings

    Keventers specializes in providing a delightful breakfast and lunch experience for travelers and locals alike. Their menu features:

    Exquisite Darjeeling Teas: A cornerstone of their offering, Keventers boasts a selection of world-famous Darjeeling teas.

    Traditional English Breakfast: Indulge in meticulously prepared breakfast dishes, featuring high-quality ingredients sourced locally.

    Non-vegetarian and Vegetarian options: The menu caters to diverse preferences, offering both meat and vegetarian breakfast and snack options.

  • Target Market

    Keventers targets a broad audience seeking a memorable dining experience in Darjeeling. This includes:

    Travelers: Tourists visiting Darjeeling and seeking a taste of local heritage and tradition.

    Foodies: Those with a passion for good food and a desire to experience authentic English breakfast fare.

    Locals: Residents of Darjeeling seeking a charming and elegant breakfast or lunch option.

  • Target Audience

    Keventers interacts with two primary segments within their target market:

    First-time Visitors: Tourists and travelers new to Darjeeling, seeking recommendations and information about the restaurant.

    Returning Patrons: Loyal customers who appreciate Keventers’ rich history, high-quality food, and stunning ambiance.

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The Challenge

Keventers, steeped in tradition, lacked a digital voice to connect with a younger generation of travelers and foodies. Their existing online presence wasn’t optimized, hindering their ability to compete with modern restaurants and attract new customers.

  • Limited Online Visibility
    Keventers lacked a user-friendly website, social media presence, and online listings, making it difficult for potential customers to discover them.
  • Unveiling the Legacy
    Their rich history and heritage remained untold, failing to connect with a customer base increasingly drawn to authentic experiences.
  • Standing Out in a Competitive Landscape
    Numerous modern restaurants in Darjeeling posed a growing challenge to Keventers' established clientele.

The Stratgey

Brand Sewa crafted a comprehensive rebranding and online presence strategy to revitalize Keventers’ digital identity:

Branding Strategy & Identity

We developed a refreshed brand identity that retained Keventers’ heritage while incorporating modern aesthetics.

Defined a clear brand voice and messaging that resonated with a modern audience, highlighting their legacy and culinary expertise.

Website Design & Development

Built a user-friendly and visually appealing website showcasing Keventers’ mouthwatering dishes, stunning ambiance, and rich history.

Optimized the website for search engines to improve organic traffic and online visibility.

Business Listing & Review Generation

Listed Keventers on all major travel and restaurant platforms, increasing their online discoverability.

Implemented a review generation strategy to build social proof and encourage positive customer reviews.


Within a year of collaborating with Brand Sewa, Keventers witnessed a significant revival in their online presence and customer engagement:

  • A Digital Destination
    The new website became a central hub, attracting a wider audience and showcasing information about Keventers' unique offerings.
  • Storytelling Success
    The brand identity effectively communicated Keventers' heritage and legacy, resonating with modern customers seeking authentic experiences.
  • Standing Tall in the Crowd
    Improved online presence helped Keventers stand out from competitors, attracting new customers and retaining loyal patrons.
  • Reputation Management
    Over 9,000+ reviews bolstered Keventers' online reputation and customer trust.
  • Increased Footfall
    A surge in online traffic translated to a significant increase in customer visits to the restaurant.


By combining expert rebranding with a strategic online presence strategy, Brand Sewa empowered Keventers to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity. Their revitalized digital presence successfully captured the hearts and stomachs of a new generation, ensuring that Keventers continues to thrive as a Darjeeling legend.

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