Exoteas Case Study

Diversifying a Global Tea Brand with a Creative B2B Lead Generation Strategy

Exoteas sought to expand its reach into the growing tea dropshipping market. However, their existing branding and online presence weren’t attracting the right B2B audience. Brand Sewa helped Exoteas achieve top search engine rankings for relevant keywords, experienced a 500+% increase in leads from dropshipping businesses, and solidified their position as a market leader in tea dropshipping.

About Exoteas

Exoteas is a premium tea company rooted in the rich tradition of Darjeeling tea cultivation. They pride themselves on sourcing and expertly crafting exquisite loose-leaf teas directly from the finest tea gardens in the region. Exoteas is committed to ethical practices and preserving the unique heritage of Darjeeling tea.

  • Service Offerings

    Exoteas offers a diverse range of tea products catering to both retail and B2B (business-to-business) needs:

    Retail: For tea enthusiasts, Exoteas offers a wide selection of loose-leaf black teas, green teas, herbal infusions, white teas, and more. They also provide various blends and flavored teas to suit individual preferences.

    Dropshipping Program: Exoteas provides a dropship-friendly program, allowing e-commerce businesses to easily expand their product offerings with premium teas. This program streamlines fulfillment, eliminating inventory management for dropshipping partners.

  • Target Market

    Exoteas targets a broad market with a passion for high-quality tea:

    Tea Enthusiasts: Individuals who appreciate the taste and experience of premium loose-leaf teas.

    Health-Conscious Consumers: Those seeking the health benefits associated with tea consumption.

    Gift Givers: People looking for unique and thoughtful presents for tea lovers.

  • Target Audience

    Within their target market, Exoteas interacts with two primary segments:

    Direct Customers: Retail consumers who purchase tea directly from the Exoteas website or authorized retailers.

    Dropshipping Businesses: E-commerce businesses seeking to expand their product offerings by dropshipping Exoteas’ teas.

Lear more @ theexoteas.com

The Challenge

Exoteas struggled to generate leads from their dropshipping businesses. Their brand lacked a B2B focus, and their website failed to effectively communicate the benefits of dropshipping their teas.

  • Limited B2B Appeal
    The existing brand identity and offering weren't tailored to resonate with B2B businesses.
  • Ineffective Website
    Their website didn't showcase the dropshipping program prominently, hindering lead generation.
  • Organic Traffic Bottleneck
    Low search engine ranking for relevant keywords limited their online visibility to potential dropshipping partners.

The Stratgey

Brand Sewa implemented a comprehensive rebranding and online marketing strategy specifically designed for B2B lead generation:

Introducing Tea Dropshipping

Alongside their core production model, Brand Sewa worked with Exoteas to develop a dedicated dropshipping offering. This included establishing suitable product ranges, flexible smaller order sizes, dropship-friendly packaging, and streamlined fulfillment procedures.

Rebranding for B2B

We developed a new brand identity that emphasized the professionalism and reliability of Exoteas for dropshipping businesses.

Crafted compelling messaging highlighting the benefits of dropshipping Exoteas’ premium teas, including profit margins, product variety, and ease of integration.

Content Optimization for SEO & Lead Generation

Conducted in-depth keyword research to identify relevant search terms used by dropshipping businesses seeking tea suppliers.

Optimized website content and product descriptions for targeted keywords like “tea dropshipping,” “wholesale loose-leaf tea dropshipping,” etc.

Created informative blog posts and landing pages specifically focused on the benefits of dropshipping Exoteas products.

E-commerce Website Design & Development

Designed a user-friendly e-commerce website with a dedicated dropshipping program section, showcasing seamless integration processes and benefits.

Implemented clear calls to action, encouraging dropshipping businesses to sign up for the program.

Optimized the website for mobile devices, catering to the needs of today’s B2B buyers.


Within 16 months of collaborating with Brand Sewa, Exoteas achieved remarkable results in B2B lead generation:

  • Increased Visibility
    Exoteas gained rankings within the dropshipping niche alongside their success in traditional B2B tea searches.
  • New Lead Streams
    The strategic approach resulted in a significant uptick in inquiries from potential dropshipping partners, expanding Exoteas' customer base.
  • Maintained Brand Integrity
    Brand Sewa's strategy positioned Exoteas as a leading supplier in the tea dropshipping market, attracting a wider network of B2B partnerships.


By understanding Exoteas’ B2B goals, Brand Sewa’s strategic rebranding, e-commerce website development, and SEO-focused content optimization empowered Exoteas to achieve significant growth in the tea dropshipping market. With a strong online presence and a compelling dropshipping program, Exoteas is now well-positioned to continue its success as a global leader in premium tea dropshipping solutions.

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